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Are you and your family struggling with Sleep? Does your little one have some bad sleeping habits? Are you sleep deprived and is it impacting your family?

Well I can help :)

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How I Can Help.

If you're struggling and don't know how to help your family, look no further. 

Did you know 1 in 4 children have a harder time sleeping than others do? Self-settling is a learned skill where some children need a guided, gentle hand to help them learn. Sleep is a vital part of life and plays an important part in a child's development, so a good nights sleep is an absolute necessity! Not just for the little ones but for the parents as well.

Book in a none obligatory free 15 minute call to find out more. 

Once you decide you would like help on your sleep journey I will create a bespoke plan that works for you and your family to help resolve the issues you are having. 

The Sleep Nanny system is a gentle, holistic approach to secure your attachment to your child. I know when I was looking for someone to help me, it was so important that I felt comfortable with and trusted the techniques being used.  

These are some of the sleep issues I can help with:

  • Night wakings

  • Early rising

  • Nap refusal

  • Inability to self-settle

  • Nap transitions

  • Transition into own room/ big bed 

  • Sleep crutches (rocking, feeding)

  • Bed hoping

  • Ditching the dummy

  • Co-sleeping

I look forward to teaching you the techniques that will change the way your family sleep.

Sleep Consulting With Phoebe

The Sleep Nanny program is a Holistic way of 'Sleep Training' your children. I will listen to your story and tailor make a sleep plan that fits around you and your family. I will be there to support you along the way and answer any questions that crop up.

I will teach you to teach your children how to get the best nights sleep possible. 

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Bespoke/ Tailored Sleep Plan


Face to Face Video Consultation

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What Well Rested Parents Say...

Clare with baby Amelie,

10 weeks old

Phoebe was very knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable when discussing our routines. We shared video calls and together were able to come up with some new things to try to help get our little one into a good sleep pattern. Although Amelia was young for sleep training, Phoebe was able to offer techniques to start early which would help us in the long run. Amelia has since had some of her most peaceful and longest sleeps. Would definitely recommend getting personalised help as every family is different as is every baby! Thanks Phoebe!

Emma with baby Sammie,

4 Months old

The best thing about working with Phoebe is that as a parent herself, she knows EXACTLY what she is talking about when it comes to sleeping issues. This is a quality that makes her stand out from the rest and made it so easy to trust and work with Phoebe in getting Sammie into a routine and sleeping well. Phoebe ensured we understood every aspect of her assessment and the plan that she had put in place, and was always able to offer support and encouragement during the tough moments. She has left us feeling empowered and capable of dealing with Sammie's sleep requirements, which as many parents know can be a really difficult and daunting experience. Good sleep really makes all the difference in the world to both babies and parents, and we are so grateful to Phoebe for helping us get there! 

Theresia with baby Alma

6 Months old

Our Sleep Nanny Phoebe offered us great support in finding a defined sleeping schedule for our 6 months year old daughter. She always made sure to stay in contact and was great in answering all those mummy questions. Thanks to Phoebe we got a personalised plan we could stick to, so it made it easier for us to establish a better sleeping routine for our daughter. We’ve payed a lot more attention over her wakeful windows and sleep times. Our daughter always was good in falling asleep by herself, but sticking to her defined sleeping times helped a lot with her daytime routine and nap times.

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