About Phoebe

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About Me

Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant

Hi there, I'm Phoebe. I was born and raised in Kent, England. After travelling back and forth to my parents holiday apartment in Germany, i decided around 10 years ago to make the move out here.  I now live in a little Ski Resort in the Alps, just on the boarder of Austria. I met my now husband here and we have a daughter called Amelie (1.5 years old).

I run a successful Beauty Salon which after having Amelie meant i couldn’t work as much as i used to anymore as being a mum is really a full time job. 

We love being outside in the mountains but we also love a glass of wine at night…finding a balanced life style is recipe to a happy life. Oh and also because my child now sleeps through the night ;)

My Sleep Nanny Story

Our little girl was born 6 weeks premature so as new parents we were really thrown in at the deep end. After about 2 weeks in hospital we were allowed home to find our feet in this new role as being a parent. As ‘Prem’ Mums will know they need a little extra care at the beginning and we had a great deal of issues with belly ache, over tiredness and night time screaming sessions that lasted what felt like hours. Our little girl was only able to sleep on us and needed a lot of bodily contact to settle. We had to rock her or feed her to sleep which was peaceful at the beginning but turned into a massive issue when she was waking 10 x a night and only ever napping for 30 mins. 

I had tried several methods from letting her cry a little (which also resulted in her getting herself so worked up, she’d be sick) to trying to wean her off feeding to sleep. None of which had worked. 

After being sleep deprived and not knowing where to go from there, i found a company called ‘Sleep Nanny’ on the internet. I registered straight away for a Free 15 minute call and spoke to my assigned Sleep Nanny. After bursting into tears hearing that someone could help me and guide me through resolving Amelie’s sleep issues, i was relived and we got going straight away. 

After a couple of days we could really see the difference and i felt so confident knowing how to deal with certain situations we were put in. 

I found the whole experience so amazing and after taking an interesting in Sleep i decided to do the Sleep Nanny course so i can help other families too. 

How I can Help

If you're struggling and don't know how to help your family, look no further. 

Did you know 1 in 4 children have a harder time sleeping than others do? Self-settling is a learned skill where some children need a guided, gentle hand to help them learn it. Sleep is a vital part of life and plays an important part in a child's development so a good nights sleep is really needed. For the parents aswell.

Book in a none obligatory free 15 call to find out more. 

Once you decide you need help on your sleep journey i will create a bespoke plan that works for you and your family to help resolve the issues you are having. 

The Sleep Nanny system is a gentle, holistic approach to secure your attachment to your child. I know when i was looking for someone to help me, it was so important that i felt comfortable with the techniques being used. 

These are some of the sleep issues i can help resolve:

  • Night wakings

  • Early rising

  • Nap refusal

  • Inability to self-settle

  • Nap transitions

  • Transition into own room/ big bed 

  • Sleep crutches (rocking, feeding)

  • Bed hoping

  • Ditching the dummy

  • Co-sleeping

I look forward to teaching you the techniques that will change the way your family sleep.